Q & A
Oct 22nd
Anonymous: Sorry, but i really cant figure out what to do here. I got the tentacle hormons and went to sleep for 6 hours and am now back in the house. I cant seem to use the hormons on me or anything else or leave the house. Please help.

That’s all there is to it. What? We bring you AUTHENTIC OCTOPUS CITY SIMULATION and you ask for more? Do you have any idea how long it took to model these beautiful tentacles in Kaf’s room? You should be happy that we’re not making you pay for the privilege.

Oh and by the way, there is a door in the middle of the room, below your mom and next to your wife. I guess we’ll have to make it more obvious in the full version.

Demo Release
Oct 18th

The demo is out. You can get it at itch.io:

Octopus City Blues Demo


Have fun!

Kickstarter Update #24
Oct 13th

imageFrom Octopus City with Love - Octopus City Blues

The demo is out for backers at the beta tester tier. Grab it at the forum while it’s hot. For everyone else, we’re going to release the demo publicly in a week or two, based on the results of beta testing. We are really excited about sharing the demo with you, and while it doesn’t quite capture our grand vision for the simulation, it’s a very important step forward…

Kickstarter Update #23
Aug 30th

Kaf’s Labyrinth - Octopus City Blues

Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing and one begins to wonder if the greatness can hold its death grip on your senses for the whole trip. Last year, when the visionary team of corporate drones at Ghost in a Bottle Confectionery announced their plans to create the world’s first Octopus City Simulation, many were skeptical. It’s one thing to try and simulate a regular city, but a city built on a giant octopus is surely beyond the capabilities of the most advanced super computers.

Aug 30th
Just another day at Ghost in a Bottle’s corporate offices.

Just another day at Ghost in a Bottle’s corporate offices.

Kickstarter Update #22
Jun 24th

image48 Days Later… - Octopus City Blues

It has been a while since our last correspondence, the one in which we said we wouldn’t write back unless we are ready to release the substance in its crude prototypical phase. Instead of keeping you in the dark much further, we’ve decided to share a mini-update on the status of our anticipated product…

Jun 21st
A first look at the menu system

A first look at the menu system

Kickstarter Update #21
May 8th

imageMy Neighbors the Kafkaryans - Octopus City Blues

As the chairman of the Ghost in a Bottle Kabushiki Gaisha it pleases me to share with you the latest updates and news regarding the unprecedented innovations taking place in our small multinational corporation. Please take a seat and prepare your sinful soul for a journey through the underbelly of a cursed city. Open your mind and bask in the authenticity of our premium Octopus City Simulation experience…

Mar 29th
Moms are tough.

Moms are tough.

Kickstarter Update #20
Mar 23rd

imageUpdate 19: The City That Never Sleeps - Octopus City Blues

Our progress was a little slow this month, at least when compared to the previous one. We realize that the last few updates show a similar pattern of promising the demo soon, but then getting delayed for a variety of reasons. We owe you an apology and an explanation…

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